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After decades of singing, where my only training had been school and church choir directors, I decided I’d like to see what a professional voice coach could offer me.  I happened upon Ellen Smith purely by chance, but what a blessing she’s been!  Ellen has helped me widen my range, strengthen my breath control, and broadened my horizons about the types of music I could sing.  My training was more classical in nature, and Ellen has helped me improve in that style.  But she’s also encouraged me to try all genres of music and given me great insights into how to transition between them.  She is helping me move beyond being a “singer” to being a “vocalist.”  Plus, it’s just flat fun!  I’d highly recommend Ellen not only for her coaching abilities, but also because of her upbeat, positive nature.  I lucked into the best!

  -Lory Floyd, Parker, CO 



I’ve been working with Ellen for almost two years as I rejoined a band and started performing again.  Ellen’s talents for coaching me through an immersion back into music—as well as multiple styles of song selection—increased my confidence and capabilities.  I went from calling this a hobby to being able to say that I’ve performed internationally with serious musicians!  She’s a fantastic, supportive, and knowledgeable coach I recommend for all technical levels.


  -Sarah Foss, Denver, Imagine Communications 



Ellen Smith is a wonderful vocal instructor!  She is supportive, encouraging and motivational!  She is a fun, kind and knowledgeable instructor!  Her training is specialized for each individual so everyone can meet their own personal goals.  She provides a very safe and comfortable environment for students to explore their voices!  My daughter Autumn loves learning from her!!  

  -Valerie Lathers, Aurora, CO



My daughter and I have been getting instrumental and voice lessons from Ellen for almost two years and we just love her!  She is extremely knowledgeable and can instruct at all age and experience levels. Her guidance is thoughtful, constructive and very helpful.  She is very positive and makes learning and improving fun!  We give her four big thumbs up!!!

  -Lara and Katie Makinen, Aurora, CO 



Ellen Smith has helped me become better at vocal music. I've learned how to compose music, write song lyrics and perform it. I love getting to work in her studio every week! Ms. Ellen lets me choose which type of music genre that I want to work on, so we switch it up every few weeks!

  -Maile McMahon, Aurora, 15 year old student


A year and a half ago my daughter expressed a desire to take voice lessons. After some research we chose Ellen Smith's Voice Studio and have been very happy with that decision. My daughter gets up early almost every Saturday morning to attend a 9 am session, and she does so with positive anticipation of what she will learn! She has made great progress in the past 18 months. I love seeing this creative side of her flourish under Ellen's guidance. 

  - Heidi McMahon, Maile's Mom 


I started taking singing lessons with Ellen in April 2017. Ellen is a professional, wonderful, talented, and kind-hearted vocalist. She is a successful professional singer herself, and teaches with passion and enthusiasm. We never run out of songs for me to sing and practice in a wide range of genres, with or without piano and background music. Ellen knows how to teach techniques in a way that I can understand. She is very encouraging and has taught me to let my voice soar into the lower and upper ranges with ease. Understanding how to write music and what makes a song great, are all part of the package. Being an older student in my 40's I never thought I could have so much fun and improve my singing so much. I can't thank Ellen enough for her encouragement has helped me not to be shy singing in front of others as well.

  -Kerstin Radford, Castle Rock, Colorado 



Our daughter has been taking lessons from Master Voice Coach Ellen Smith for about two years and the hard work is paying off!  Our daughter’s voice, range, and ability have grown tremendously - allowing her to secure lead roles in school plays and extracurricular musical theater performances. She earned her first paid singing role this past winter!

  -Jennifer Miller, Aurora  


Ellen is a patient teacher who encourages our daughter to try new techniques and musical choices. When our daughter’s voice doesn’t perform quite as intended, Ellen helps our daughter determine how to address and improve the situation.

Jennifer Lawton - Mother of 12-year-old singer



Ellen has helped me feel more comfortable within my own voice within a matter of two months of working with her! She knows exactly what she's talking about and how to get immediate results for her clients. Not only does she know how to help with vocal technique and performance, but she also is a creative genius at marketing her clients and helping them achieve every aspect of their goals. I would one hundred percent recommend Ellen as a vocal coach to anyone who has a passion for music! 

 -Cassidy Belville



I have been taking vocal lessons from Ellen for over a year. I had very little background in singing. Ellen made it a lot of fun for me since the beginning of my classes. 


We had a two-way teaching system. on days I know what to work on, (like how to intensity direct control voice at higher pitch or how to develop a vocal fry sound to sound more like rock singer) she leads me, answers my questions; other days, we just stick to the curriculum, improving vocal quality and learning songs of different style.  Ellen's teaching is warm, straightforward and professional.

 -James Liu



I started taking signing lessons with Ellen almost three years ago. In that time, she helped me transform my vocals and my confidence with singing. 


Ellen is a professional and she knows what’s she doing. She takes her knowledge and customizes it to each person and their needs. 


I needed, not only technical help, but help to conquer my nerves. And overall confidence with singing. Ellen understood that aspect and helped me overcome it by creating an uplifting environment. She makes it fun and laid back, all while giving feedback. She’s a positive person and helps you see what you're capable of. 


Ellen started off as my vocal coach, but over time she also became my life coach and friend. 

She is extremely passionate about people and music. Which is why she is such a great teacher. She truly wants to help everyone reach their full potential. 


I also just recently went to Ellen to learn to play guitar. I found it extremely intimidating, but Ellen made it easy and enjoyable! She has a way of simplifying it. 


I would highly, highly recommend Ellen as a vocal coach, life coach and guitar teacher. She has the want and drive to help people reach their goals.  If you want to succeed, she will help you make sure you do!

 -Allie Whitten

Ms. Ellen is absolutely amazing! I recommend her 100%!! She builds confidence in all individuals like no other and is truly the best at what she does! My daughter, Skylar has been in signing and guitar lessons with Ms. Ellen and has exceeded our expectations week after week, month after month, and year after year! Skylar is more motivated and dedicated to her time with Ms. Ellen than anything else! :)

-Jennifer Gaines, Realtor, Aurora, CO


She is very talented and an excellent coach. Whether you are an amateur or professional, you will be in good hands with Ellen.

-Arka Barman, Karaoke Enthusiast, Engineer, Aurora, CO.

My daughter has been taking singing lessons with Ellen for about a year now, and she can hardly wait to see Ellen each week. Ellen brings not only a stellar resume to her teaching but, also wisdom, which at times is far more valuable than the technical know-how. It's been a perfect match for us!

-Gail Nguyen, Realtor, Parker, CO


My daughter takes singing lessons from Ellen, which began based on a glowing referral from a co-worker, and Ellen did not disappoint. From the first lesson, we experienced Ellen's warmth and talents as a vocalist and coach. Ellen is patient, kind and loving, which really attracts you to her. Then her professionalism, vocal skills and vision is what keeps you going to her. My daughter began lessons in the Aurora, CO area. We have moved out of state and my daughter continues her lessons via Skype, which is a testament to Ellen's abilities.

-Trinetter Rainer, Chicago, IL.

Ellen is so great about providing constructive, useful feedback, in such a positive manner. She's helped me become more aware of my vocal skills and enhanced them tremendously! I am so grateful to have Ellen in my life!

-Karina Woodka, Singer, HR mgr at Elizabeth Hotel, Fort Collins, CO. 


Ellen is amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable right from the start! She is warm, easy and super smart and talented at what she does! She makes learning to sing fun and instills great confidence. I had tried a couple other voice coaches in the past and I just lost interest because it was so tedious. I feel like I got farther with Ellen then I ever did but the other two, because I was more engaged and excited about it!

-Merianne Haig, Singer, Artist, Designer, West Creek, NJ

Ellen is an amazing coach! I would definitely recommend her! My son has enjoyed every single lesson! It's always the highlight of his week!

-Andrea Everingham, Personal Trainer, Aurora, CO​

It has been such a wonderful and valuable experience taking voice lessons with Ellen. I have learned so much and it's just a pleasure to be a student!

-Jeanne Cleary, Singer, Ukulele player, Retired, Aurora, CO

Ellen is such an amazing teacher. She makes you feel so at home and relaxed no matter what. She is outstanding at what she does, and is the best vocal coach I have ever had! I would recommend her to anyone who is passionate about singing. She wants to see all over her clients improve and be the best they can be! Not only will she improve your vocal skills but she will help you develop yourself on social media, especially youtube! I have recorded tracks with her many times and have never been disappointed. She is the best at what she does!!

-Emma Such, Singer, Sports Marketing and Management, Denver, CO

Alongside her technical expertise, Ellen truly knows how to inspire her students. Her positivity is infectious and she is very perceptive of her student's capabilities, breaking them out of their comfort zone and gearing them up for excellence both at a comfortable pace and in a very kind and gentle manner. Wonderful coach overall!

-Jacqueline Mulchahey, Singer, Aurora, CO

Where do I even start with sharing my experience with this magnificent, kind, loving woman? First off, Ellen knows music. She knows the ins and the outs of the business, she knows the techniques and the skills to train a voice and boy does she know how to sing! Ellen is truly invested in every single one of her clients. She has not only helped me be a better singer but, to believe in myself. Positive energy constantly shines through Ellen. I have ten times the confidence in myself and in my voice than what I use to. I can actually hear the progression in my voice. Ellen is a life changer. She will help you achieve your goals as a singer and as a person. I highly, highly recommend this wonderful woman to anyone.

-Allie W.


So far so good......Only took 4 lessons so far but Ellen is an excllent teacher.

-Michael M. 


She is a really fun vocal coach! I love seeing her every week! 
-Alexandra O’Dell, age 9
Ellen Smith not only changed the way I feel about music, she changed my life!
-Kira Jean, age 11
Learning to sing was on my bucket list, it was the best experience ever! 
-Dawn Martin, age 60
Thanks for your help in getting my band together!
My mom is a really fun teacher! She makes me feel good about my singing! 
-Rhiannon Smith, age 6
Ellen has made me more confident, and has taught me how to use my voice like a professional." 
-Anna Von Minden, age 13
My mom finally let me take singing lessons and she says I’m a really good singer now.
-Rebecca Cain, age 10
Do as I say AND as I do" should be Ellen's motto. It's a rare gift to be a triple threat: great singer, entertainer and teacher. Ellen Smith embodies that combination. If you want to see how it should be done and learn how to do it yourself, then you need to turn to Ellen to build your skill and confidence.
-Matt Robinson
Ellen is truly a wonderful person had the opportunity to hear her sing last summer, she has such a beautiful voice. I would recommend her 100%
-Consuela Herrera
She is a beautiful person inside and out with a voice that is amazing. She puts her heart into music and will do everything she can to help you follow your dreams. You won't be disappointed. 
-Stacy Gonzalez
Highly recommended!

​-Helen Bristow, Maidstone, U.K.
We sang together as kids, I watched her career blossom over the years, she know her stuff and is a beautiful soul to work with. She can take her students anywhere they want to go vocally! I highly recommend her sweet nature, firm but kind leadership style and an incredible vocal portfolio of experience to help any budding singer reach their dreams and live them big!
-Kiela Hudgins
Amazing voice and was blessed to have you sing at our Wedding. 
-Pam Sample
Of course I recommend Ellen! She is absolutely wonderful and has a beautiful voice!
-Angie Erickson Bird
Ellen is very talented, such a beautiful voice, she is one of a kind! 
-Lisa Robinson Te Slaa
Singing is Fun! I love to sing and dance and I love my singing teacher Ellen, she is so nice! 
-Bella Rowe, age 7
I love the way I sing now! I have so much more confidence! 
-Olivia Holmes, age 17
Ellen is Amazing! 

-Judy Cornell Rector

Ellen is a fabulous person, with a beautiful voice, a positive attitude, a great work ethic and more. I personally have known Ellen since grade school. 
-Mary Ann Banys
Ellen is the best person ever! She taught me how to use my voice in the best way! 
- Kira Baca, age 13
Beautiful voice!!!!

-Jodi Salmen Nelson

-Nicole House
Outstanding Voice coach!

-Val Valenzuela

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